T’Bubs’14: Improper Books to Offer Preview for ‘Porcelain: Bone China’ by Benjamin Reed and Chris Wildgoose

Putting out an announcement once a week, Improper Books last Friday revealed that they’ll be offering a preview of their new book ‘Bone China’, the sequel to Porcelain, at Thought Bubble 2014.


By Benjamin Reed and Chris Wildgoose, this would be the long-awaited second part to the Porcelain trilogy, a fantasy fairytale following a young girl as she encounters a series of fantastical characters over the course of a lifetime. The first book saw her as a styled Victorian street-urchin type, brought into a rich household by a slightly mysterious new benefactor. Events, magical and unexpected, occur, revolving around the various porcelain statues that are dotted around the house and grounds of her new home.

This second book sees an older version of the girl, discovering romantic interests and still heavily invested in her porcelain world, approached by a general who wants to use the porcelain figures for his own plans. What are those plans? The preview will likely reveal all. Bone China features colours from André May and lettering by Jim Campbell, and will be released in early 2015. Here’s a preview of the preview:

boch2 boch3 boch4 boch5 boch6


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