T’Bubs’14: Jessica Martin’s ‘Vivacity’ Traces the Life of Vivian Leigh

For the second in her series of Hollywood Heroines, writer/artist Jessica Martin will be releasing ‘Vivacity’, following the life and times of Vivian Leigh. You may remember that last year she put out ‘It Girl’ – which I swear I did a spotlight on over at The Beat, although that seems to have vanished somewhere – about the tragic life of Clara Bow. Well! Here’s the second in the series.



An actress herself, Martin’s first comic was rather well received, and it’s great to see her already back with a second in the series. Leigh was, of course, one of the Golden Age’s most remarkable actresses, winning an Academy Award for Gone With The Wind and…. a second one for A Streetcar Named Desire, I think? Pretty certain she won two of those things. One of the greatest female actresses of all time, she had a fascinating life as well as career – she married Laurence Olivier, which shows a certain level of recklessness – and will likely make an excellent biography.

You can get more of a look at the comic, with sketches and a rough synopsis, over at Martin’s website.


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