T’Bubs’14: Jon Lock and Nich Angell hit the ‘Heavenly Chord’

Heavenly Chord, a crossover between two well-loved UK comics, will be coming out in trade at this year’s Thought Bubble Festival. Crossing over Nich Angell’s 7STRING and Jon Lock’s Afterlife, Inc, the two-part storyline is drawn by Angell and written by Lock.



A quick background on each of the individual comics, then. 7STRING is a bright, futuristic adventure story which follows four young musicians (whose instruments are also, uh, deadly weapons) on a mission to save their world from an all-encompassing war which seeks to swallow everything they’ve ever known. In contrast, Afterlife, Inc takes place after death, following opportunistic businessman Jack Fortune as he dies and wakes up in an afterlife which seems ripe for a good con.

Two very different stories – so how do they link up? Well, when mad madman Requiem attempts to compose a song which will enthral the entire multiverse, he finds he has everything he needs – aside from one thing. The fabled ‘Heavenly Chord’. To find it, he’ll have to head off into the afterlife – where he finds Jack Fortune and 7STRING’s hero Zachary Briarpatch waiting for him…

It’s pretty cool that two self-published books decided to go ahead and do a crossover like this – and here’s a preview just so you can get an idea of all the cross-world craziness you’ll find inside:

Laika 1 Laika 1 Laika 1 Laika 1


You can also find more online, over at Lock’s website right here.


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