T’Bubs’14: Lydia Wysocki Goes Travelling in ‘Trails’

Lydia Wysocki, previously known to Spire readers as the editor for Newcastle’s ‘Asteroid Belter’ science comic which featured all kinds of UK comic creators telling stories and exploring science, will be at Thought Bubble this year to launch her new travel comic ‘Trails’.


The book has an interesting structure to it – it follows her on two separate trips to the same place, ten years apart. In 2001 she went to the University of California, Santa Cruz, and then returned for a reunion in 2013. The book explores her first time travelling there, comparing it to her return a decade later – like so:


The book lives on that format, it appears, although it also heads off onto new places, as she heads further afield to places like Portland, Seattle, and across the States. She says:

Trails is a comic book that links to something bigger than a play-by-play of the reunion weekend and what I ate for breakfast every day. There’s something in the story of revisiting places and catching up with old friends, and the time elapsed from 2001 to 2013 is long enough for some things to have changed and other things to have stayed the same.

You can follow through and see some of the publishing process through this link on her Tumblr. The book will also be available through her shop at the link up top of this article.



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