T’Bubs’14: The Regency Returns in Robin Hoelzemann’s ‘Curia Regis’

At the Lakes Art Festival I picked up the first book of Robin Hoelzemann’s webcomic Curia Regis – what you can find here isn’t it – which follows a tangled web of characters as they spy, plot, and conspire their way through France in the 1700s. And! Most importantly: they look dashing whilst they do it. And this year’s Thought Bubble will see Hoelzemann launch the fourth volume of the book in print.


There’s a growing scene of UK webcomic makers, and communities have formed within that community. I found out about this comic through becoming a fan of Kate Ashwin’s Widdershins, and there’s a similar sense of fun in Curia Regis. It’s a far more structured, stately sort of comic, revealing bits and pieces of the overall story over a lengthy period of time – putting weight in each twist of the plot.

The artwork is pretty great. It’s a little like Terry Dodson, except with expression and depth to it. The characters are all rather dashing and handsome, and there’s a lot of side-eyeing going on amongst the cast. You can also see how Hoelzemann’s interest in the history of the story plays into the work – she reconstructs the architecture in painstaking detail, and every costume is carefully put together. It’s a fun story.

Here’s a little preview so you can get an idea of it. I don’t know that there’s really any point in running a preview of a webcomic, seeing as how it’s a WEBCOMIC and is already online, but let’s have some pages anyway, from back in the black and white prologue days:

cr2 cr3 cr4

You can find the story online here, in advance of this weekend’s festival.


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