T’Bubs’14: Avery Hill Press Explore ‘Maleficium’, by EdieOP

Avery Hill Press will be at Thought Bubble this weekend, and one of their new comics launched at the festival will be the all-ages fantasy story ‘Maleficium’ by EdieOP. Her first full published graphic novel, this will run as a 96-page colour book and is available in pre-sale at the Avery Hill site now.



I don’t usually run long quotes, but the press release says this:

Maleficium is a story that evolved from an in-joke about things going missing in the house. I always used to lose things and then they’d turn up in the place that I thought I’d left them an hour later, so I used to say the fairies had borrowed it. As the joke went on I got a bit more elaborate with the story telling and naturally a bit more sinister. I started to make up stories that things would disappear into ‘the Nether’ but only my things would ever come back so I used to say that I was friends with the Nether. It then kept evolving when I was giving thought to the theory that, if it were a supernatural force, would it get stronger if it was acknowledged and interacted with? It was at this point that the in joke had sort of gained enough momentum for me to consider developing it into an illustrated story

Which is a pretty good, long quote to run, in fairness! Avery Hill have put out a few all-ages books recently, ‘A Guide to Being Outside’ by Gil Hatcher amongst them, which I’ve covered on The Spire in the past. This looks to be one of their biggest projects to date, and will be one of the books I’ll be heading for first this weekend. Here’s a few preview bits:

malef2 malef3 malef4


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