T’Bubs’14: Julia Scheele Unveils ‘Double Dare Ya’ Zine

Collecting together work from loads of people like Donya Todd, Katie Skelly, Lucie Ebrey and Kristyna Baczynski, Double Dare Ya is a Riot Grrrl (just had to double check I got all the r in there required) inspired zine which’ll be unveiled at this weekend’s festival.


Compiled by Julia Scheele – who put out a zine last year, also, which I covered over on The Beat – and Sarah Broadhurst, the zine will feature comics, essays, interviews, all sorts of different writing about punk rock, feminist, and the Riot Grrrl ideal. Donya Todd is doing the cover, whilst other contributors include Steven Walsh and Hannah K. Chapman, Sammy Boras, and Laura Callaghan.

Over on her announcement, Scheele’s gone image-heavy, showing off the range of work that’ll be featured in the zine. But also of note is that fact that this is being published by Scheele/Broadhurst under a new collective name, ‘One Beat’. It looks as though the pair plan to put out a whole range of zines across the course of the next year or so, featuring work from as many of the brilliant women in the UK comics scene as possible.

onebeat2 onebeat3

You can take a deeper look at the zine over on One Beat’s new website, as well as at Thought Bubble this weekend!


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