T’Bubs’14: Jennie Gyllblad’s Webcomic ‘Skal’ Heads to Print

Another announcement for Thought Bubble – jeez, you’d think it’s only a day away, what with all these feature pieces running on the site today – is the news that Jennie Gyllblad’s Arabian fantasy series ‘Skal’ will be heading to print for the first time, collecting the first volume for Thought Bubble.


One thing I noticed when reading the series is that Gyllblad likes experimenting with her style. She does a few pages in watercolour, then just in pen and inkwash (it looks like, anyway!) and then goes off in another new direction again. She’s always changing things up and trying new perspectives in the story, which creates a sense of the epic within her tale. There’re blood feuds, word fights, unique bits of magic – all sorts going on.

The press release sayeth:

The reader is introduced to Mushirah, a diviner on the receiving end of uncontrolled visions who has spent most of her life behind the high walls of a monastery. Believing that a person’s fate is decided the moment they are born, and that her uncaring and indifferent world runs exactly to prophecy, it is only when she is forced to flee – thrust into an unknown environment – that her own rigid perceptions of the world begin to be challenged.

skal_prologue_page1 skal_prologue_page2 skal_prologue_page3

I’d like to point out that this is a rather naughty story, filled with bits that our Victorian betters would’ve been shocked by. There’s violence, nudity, and assorted other not-for-all-ages things going on, so just be aware.

But! If that doesn’t put you off, then you can find both the prologue and first chapter on the site at the moment, should you want to read a little more. I’ve stuck just to the first few pages, because the series does come across as quite the saga – and I wouldn’t want to spoil even the start of it.

Jennie also sent across a link to her Patreon, and I’d be remiss not to share it with you here.


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