T’Bubs’14: Mo Ali and Andy Bloor’s ‘Midnight Man’ Leaps into the Festival

A little bit of grit never hurt anybody, and a new graphic novel from Mo Ali and Andy Bloor will be bringing a little pulp flavour to Thought Bubble this year. ‘Midnight Man’, about the eponymous time-travelling vigilante, will be a new graphic novel flying into the festival tomorrow.

MM p1

Published through Bad Mother Publisher, the graphic novel looks incredibly atmospheric based on the preview pages. The story sees Midnight Man, a time-travelling vigilante hero, chased by a possessed horse who jumped straight out of the American Civil War. Look, I’m not lying here, the preview pages show it and everything:

MM p3 Lettered MM p3 MM p3 Lettered


I’m pretty sure that’s the possessed horse, anyway. I’ve never seen a possessed horse in real life, so can’t be particularly sure. Bloor’s art looks pretty assured in those pages, disorientating the reader and throwing us right in at the deep end. I like this sort of pulpy one-off storytelling, especially when it looks as though Ali is going to be hurling literally anything he can at the readers. I’m enjoying the arrow dome helmet thingy, too.

The book will be available at the festival – but you can also find out more here.


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