T’Bubs’14: Sam Read and Caio Oliveira Wrap Up ‘Exit Generation’

Sam Read and Caio Oliveira’s four-issue series ‘Exit Generation’ will be concluding at this year’s festival, with the arrival of the fourth and final part of the story. A sci-fi story about humanity trying to leave the planet – and other races arriving – the self-published series has managed to put out four issues in just about under a year. That’s impressive.


The series launched at last year’s festival, and now concludes this year. Perhaps highlighted by Oliveira’s surprisingly detailed, intricate worldbuilding, the series features some superb artwork and lovely colours from Ruth Redmond and Marissa Louise. The premise, as well, is a slight twist on a familiar story, and is as thus:

It’s 2055 and Jack is bored.

20 years ago most of Earth’s population abandoned the planet in search of a less crowded place to live.  But rather than descend into chaos, the world they left became a paradise, free from poverty, war and crime.

In this utopia Jack spends his days hanging out with his friend Mo, and obsessing over action movies and punk records, longing for some real excitement.  But then a bunch of extra-terrestrial visitors arrive, and Jack’s wish is granted…

But enough of such things – let’s show you some pages from right at the start of the series, eh?

exitgen2 exitgen3 exitgen4 exitgen5


You’ll be able to find Sam and the fourth issue at his table at Thought Bubble from tomorrow – but you can also head to his site here to find out more.


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