T’Bubs’14: Sarah Burgess Debuts Her Silent Comic ‘Talk’

With her webcomic ‘The Summer of Blake Sinclair’ at an end, Sarah Burgess has wasted no time in moving on to a new project, which’ll be on offer at Thought Bubble tomorrow. Called ‘Talk’, this is a silent comic, with the story told entirely in thought bubbles. It looks like it’s going to be quite the thing.


About a relationship developed through music, the comic sees a boy and a girl fall in romance with each other after a chance meeting in a record store, it seems, and their worlds start to mix into each other. Running a lengthy webcomic has gifted Burgess with a real ability to distinguish and identify characters purely through body language, and the preview pages she’s put out on her site emphasise just how important that will be to this story.

It looks utterly charming, and also as though it’ll make me cry if the couple break up at the end. THEY BETTER NOT BREAK UP I AM A FRAGILE PERSON SARAH BURGESS. Any rate, the short story will be on sale at this year’s Thought Bubble – go take a look!

talk3 talk2


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