I’m Reviewing for Comics Alliance!

So one thing I wanted to gloat about uncharmingly, just for a quick second, was the fact that I’ve somehow fluked my way onto the writing staff of Comics Alliance, something I’ve been trying to do for a few years now. I’ve done two reviews for them, and thus far haven’t been publicly fired – have to imagine it’ll happen sooner or later, seeing as luck only lasts for so long – but hope to be doing plenty more. I wrote some more this weekend, in fact.

My first review was for the first trade of Harley Quinn – and the plan currently is that I’ll be writing trade reviews primarily. You can find it here. It’s a qualified success, I’d say, a book that is fun in parts but also has a really weird energy about it.

The second review was a more spur of the moment thing, in the form of issue #1 of ‘The Kitchen’ over at Vertigo. Like I say, I hope to be able to do more reviews from now on, especially now Thought Bubble has come and gone and I’ve picked up a few more books I want to talk about!


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