Marvel Announce a Howard the Duck Series, Because They Can Do Anything Now

Following his sudden resurgence earlier this year for a reason I won’t disclose even now, Marvel have announced that they’ll be putting out a new Howard the Duck ongoing series next year, from the creative team of Chip Zdarsky and Joe Quinones.


Whether you’re delighted by this or not will, of course, depend on how you feel about Steve Gerber, the man closely assumed with the character. There will be some who are against the idea of the character showing up in anybody else’s hands, as the behind-the-curtain on the character’s existence will show a long history of legal action and complaints back and forth. There is a little disconnect there, and I’d be silly to ignore it.

But on the other hand, this is a series returning Howard the Duck, written by Chip Zdarsky. Zdarsky has been working primarily as artist as of late, on Image’s ‘Sex Criminals’, but is also a writer. He’s got a really strong sense of humour, as you can sense from this EW launch interview, and is one of only two people I could imagine doing justice to the character (the other being Kathryn Immonen). So this does have a strong creative pedigree behind it.

Quinones has been looking for a long-term project for a little while now, having been seen in a few anthology and one-offs as of late. His style, as you can see in the cover above, is a little glossy, and should fit the character quite nicely. Quinones colours his own work, as well. You have to assume that somewhere down the line, superfan Leinil Francis Yu will try and get involved with the book somehow too.


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