Nobrow’s 2015 Lineup Features Books from Wren McDonald, Jen Lee, and More

Zainab’s spotted (or announced – who has time to read these things in specific detail?) a load of new books Nobrow will be releasing in 2015. Four, specifically, including work from William Exley and Joe Sparrow. Here’s a quick run down of each – I say rundown, but what I mean is the blurbs officially produced for each, lovingly copied and pasted from Comics & Cola.


Vacancy by Jen Lee (projected release in April): ‘In a disheveled and ransacked backyard, a dog named Simon has been forgotten by his owners. Simon breaks free and partners with a raccoon and a deer who take him into the woods. But Simon realizes he is not quite ready to live in the wild. And in the abandoned areas of the town strange things begin to happen. . . .Vacancy explores the ways that animals think; how they internalize their changing environment and express their thoughts, fears, or excitement.’


Cyber Realm by Wren McDonald (projected release in August): ‘Before “the end” took place, all technology and robotics were locked away in a place deep underground known as the Cyber Realm. Now the technology that it stores is used by the King to bully the people into submission.Cyber Realm blends the best of sci-fi with honest and dark humor. It takes reality, breaks, twists, and rebuilds it into a new vision of the world.’


Golemchik by William Exley (projected release in June): ‘Abandoned by his friends, one young boy goes searching for fun—and finds a golem on the hunt for the same. But as the two go about living out their dreams of having the best summer ever, the boy realizes that golems don’t know how to take it easy. To save his town, he’ll have to get his new friend under control!’


The Hunter by Joe Sparrow (projected release May): ‘In a time centuries before our own, one arrogant hunter has grown bored of sport. Only the legends of a mythical beast excite him now, but when he goes hunting for the creature he quickly discovers that he is outmatched. Because this beast is not any mythical animal but is composed of all the hunted prey killed in the past, and it is most certainly out for revenge.’


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