Panel Syndicate Launch Second Comic: “Universe!” by Albert Monteys

Panel Syndicate being the digital system currently publishing Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin’s pay what you want webcomic ‘The Private Eye’. This last week they unexpectedly launched a second webcomic to sit alongside that story, in the form of “Universe!” by Spanish cartoonist Albert Monteys.


The first issue is up on the site right now, and again is a “pay what you want” model – you can get it for free, or for double the price of a regular comic, should you so choose. You decide how much support you want to offer the story. “Universe!” is also a departure in that it will continue onwards as a series of interconnected, but isolated one-off stories. The first sees a man sent back in time by a large corporation, so he can brand them throughout the course of history. He… comes into some trouble.

Monteys has said that this will be a series released once every two months, which is a consistent model not seen by The Private Eye. It’ll be interesting to see how this develops onwards – there have been hints at other creators being involved in Panel Syndicate in the past, many of them fellow Spanish cartoonists.


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