Cartoons Crossroads Columbus Festival Set for Launch in 2016

A quartet of comics-folk will be launching a new comic festival in a few years, over in Columbus: Tom Spurgeon, Lucy Caswell, Jeff Smith and Vijaya Iyer will be presiding over ‘Cartoons Crossroad Columbus’ in 2016.


A four-day comics festival, CXC (as it’s going to be known) comes with a pretty strong pedigree as a result. You’ll recognise Spurgeon more commonly as The Comics Reporter on his eponymous site, and Smith as the creator of Bone. Caswell and Iyer, however, may be a little more unfamiliar to you – Iyer works for Cartoon Books along with Smith, whilst Caswell is the founder of the Billy Ireland museum.

Spurgeon sent over a press release, so let’s head to that for some more detail:

“We’re extremely excited to try and bring a first-class comics festival to Columbus, Ohio,” said Jeff Smith. “I’ve attended and enjoyed so many great shows over the years, and hope that CXC can take its place alongside them.”

“I share with the council members a belief in the comics art form and a love for the American Midwest as a great place for comics,” said Tom Spurgeon. “We also share a passion for the professional development and infrastructure issues facing so many cartoonists. We hope that CXC can become a positive force for a better community and more effective industry.”

The group’s organizational status, its advisory council members, its initial sponsorships, details on the 2015 Launch Event including exhibitor application information and initial plans for the 2016 Festival and beyond will be announced in early 2015.

2015 will see a launch event in October, which’ll feature a one-day comics expo on October 3rd. For more details, you can check their site for now. I’ll also be keeping an eye to let you know more over the next few months – with that lineup working on the event, it’s going to be an interesting one.


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