‘Tooth & Claw’ Retitled as ‘The Autumnlands’ After Copyright Mix-Up

Kurt Busiek, Benjamin Dewey and Jordie Bellaire’s much-acclaimed anthropomorphic Image series ‘Tooth & Claw’ will be retitled as ‘The Autumnlands: Tooth & Claw’ as of issue #2, after it was revealed that the former title was already in use by another story.


In the press release stating the name change, Busiek is quoted thus:

“The launch of our new series has gone beautifully,” said Busiek. “We couldn’t be happier. Well, maybe just a little happier. I’m still not sure how we managed to screw up the trademark search. But as it turns out, the title we thought was clear for use is in fact registered to someone else, which is embarrassing as all hell. Oops.

“So as of #2, the book will be titled The Autumnlands: Tooth & Claw,” he went on, “and we’ll do our best to make sure people won’t miss it on the racks, or think it’s some wholly-different series. As you’ll see, we did make sure the logo will still be recognizable to the readers who snapped up #1.

This has happened one or two times for other comics in the last few years – Vertigo’s ‘Collider’ was quickly retitled ‘The Federal Bureau of Physics’, off the top of my head. It’s perhaps not the best that the new title is only being announced on the actual day that a new issue comes out, however – an earlier heads-up would likely have helped people. Keep an eye on the shelves for it!



  1. […] Pour l’anecdote, la série s’appelait à l’origine Tooth & Claw lors de son lancement. Puis il s’avéra que le nom était déjà pris, « oups » comme le dira Busiek lui même: […]


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