CHRISTMAS FEAR: The Dark Judges Will Return in 2000AD’s Xmas Special

Fear! Hate! Dredd! No wait, he’s one of the goodies. This Christmas, 2000AD have revealed that the classic Judge Dredd villains ‘The Dark Judges’ will make their return after years away. In a story by John Wagner and Greg Staples, Judges Dredd and Anderson will come face to face with their worst enemies.



I don’t think all six of those characters have appeared in the same comic in at least five years, if not longer. Judge Death is perhaps the biggest draw here, commonly felt to be Dredd’s most iconic villain – and one who has been missing for years and years. The three other Dark Judges – Mortis, Fear, and Fire – have all appeared somewhat recently, for a brief spell during ‘Day of Chaos’ a year or two back. But getting all four together AND returning Dredd and Anderson to fight them off? That’s a really big deal for 2000AD.

That’s a cool creative team, too. Wagner is obviously the co-creator of all the characters concerned, and has been escalating a long-term plan for the Dredd universe in bits and pieces across 2014. Staples, for his part, has really started to make 2000AD his own. His painted artwork has appeared sporadically, but memorably, throughout the year. This should be something special.

The issue – which will have nine stories in total, reaching over 100 pages of content – will be out on December 17th.


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