John Allison and Lissa Treiman Bring ‘Giant Days’ to BOOM! Box wait haven’t I written this headline before

As announced by, uh, me, over at Comics Alliance, John Allison’s webcomics ‘Giant Days’ will be coming to print at BOOM! Box in March of next year. But! It won’t be how you expected it. Rather, Allison will be bringing his concept and characters to a whole new storyline – one drawn by artist Lissa Treiman.


The six issue storyline will go off in a whole different direction, but will, I assume, retain Allison’s characteristic wit and sense of northern whimsy. Northern whimsy, I say! It exists and is a real thing! It’s hard-edged whimsy, sure, a sense of whimsy which knows to take off a jumper whenever it goes inside, so it can feel t’benefit.

The first issue will be out in March 2015. Go read the announcement piece, though! Let’s drive up the hits, everybody!


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