Jorge Corona’s ‘Feathers’ Floats Across To Archaia

Something completely new to me today is ‘Feathers’, a new all-ages comic from Jorge Corona and Archaia. Planned for publication in January, the series follows ‘Poe’, a young boy who was born with a full set of feathers.


Living in a place called ‘the Maze’, he lives a solitary life until one day he watches a young girl, Bianca, get lost in the labyrinth. Tentatively teaming up, they work together to try and find a way out, and find a way for Bianca to get home.

Archaia don’t just pick up a project from out of nowhere – they carefully select which artists they want to work with. So this is something to really keep an eye on next month, I’d say. I didn’t even know this existed until now, but Corona’s art has a neat style to it, crossing whimsy with the sinister in an interesting, angular way. This will be released as a limited series in the new year.


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