Archie Relaunch… Archie, with Mark Waid and Fiona Staples

Something interesting lurks at Archie Comics, as the company seem to be following on the success of ‘Afterlife with Archie’ and ‘Sabrina’ with another monthly series in 2015. This time, however, they’re going back to their roots, for a relaunch of Archie as a serial comic starting in March. The creative team? Mark Waid and Fiona Staples.


Yep – THE Fiona Staples of Saga. She’s done some work with Archie in the past, with a cover or two for some of their other titles – but this seems like she’s going to be continuing two ongoing series at once. In the press release announcing the series, Archie are clear on the point that they aren’t going to completely change Archie forever. More, this seems like a deliberately-engineered jump-on point for new readers.

The book will follow Archie right from the start, establishing a World where Betty and Veronica aren’t yet vying for his attention, and Jughead has yet to eat his first burger (well perhaps that bit won’t be true). The company will continue on with their digests, but this new book will see Waid revisiting some of those old stories and bringing them up to be a little more contemporary.

It’s a pretty unexpected move from the company, but clearly one spurred along by the success of their recent horror line. With a new line of superhero books next year, Archie seem to be trying hard to push themselves out into the single-issue market. That’s certainly a strong creative team (although we may have to see how long they stay on the series) to kick things off. Mark this down as an particularly unusual but promising series for 2015.


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