Great Beast To Close Doors in 2015

Great Beast Comics; the publisher which put out comics like Hitsville UK, House Party, and Winter’s Knight: Year One; have announced that they will be shutting down in 2015.


Great Beast was created by Adam Cadwell and Marc Ellerby. 

In a post on their website, they cite this as a lack of time and resources to keep the company going. Both Cadwell and Ellerby make comics of their own in addition to running Great Beast, and the pressure of the latter held them off from doing the former. Ellerby actually stepped back from Great Beast earlier this year – as Thought Bubble he mentioned that he was frustrated not to have new books for people to buy at his table – so he can get more comics out in the new year.

Cadwell, whose own series Blood Blokes has slowed down release recently, has now decided to follow suit and close doors on the publisher too.

Marc and I started Great Beast in April 2012 as a place to self publish comics to a professional standard and create a home for fun, accessible comics for a wide age range. Over the last few years, Great Beast has gained a reputation as an exciting and innovative publisher of quality comics and I’m enormously proud of that and of all the books we’ve helped produce. I hope we’ve improved the perception of what self publishing can be and shown the appeal of fun, bold, original comics.

Great Beast was hugely helpful for the UK comics scene in general – the influence it wields will likely live on in a number of small-press publishers who’ve been set up in their wake. Having a publisher makes it easier for comic-makers to get press out to retailers and fans, and Great Beast were rather pioneering in the way they marketed themselves and got their books onto shelves across the company.

But they are leaving with an offer: a big discount on all comics bought through their online store. Head over and have a look!



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