The Army of Dr. Moreau Heads to IDW

Annnnnnnnnd we’re back. IT’S BEEN a week of off-time, while I mess about elsewhere. What’s been going on? Well let’s get into it, eh.


IDW have announced that the latest Monkeybrain title they’ll be taking to print is David Walker and Carl Sciacchitano’s story ‘The Army of Dr Moreau’. Walker recently jumped a whole heap up the comics ladder with the brilliant first issue of Shaft over at Dynamite, and I have to imagine that’ll be bringing some renewed attention across to this project.

Following a team of British and American allies at they attempt to track down a Nazi threat, the series launched last year as a five-part digital series from Monkeybrain. As the team follow the problem back to a mysterious island which, as is the wont of mysterious islands, things go horribly wrong.  The series flew right past me when it first came out, but will be back for a second go-round in March next year. Looks like it could be fun. Murderous horror fun, of course, but fun regardless.


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