Only a Few Hours Left for Nicholas Gurewitch’s Kickstarter

Nicholas Gurewitch, the man who brought The Perry Bible Followship to life – and actually brought it back to life fairly recently, too – will be counting down the last few hours of his Kickstarter today. “Notes on a Case of Melancholia” will be a rhyming picture-book, told from the perspective of a despairing Grim Reaper as he reflects on his son’s inability to carry on the family business.


Planned for arrival in Summer of next year, Gurewitch states that his goal is to have the book be around 40-50 pages, told in rhyming meter. In it, Death visits his psychoanalyst to talk about his son, “Lil Death” – who is simply too nice and charming to be an appropriate harbinger of doom. Each page will be etched, to create a more gothic effect.

Graphic novel “frames” will be used on occasion, but this will really be more of a picture book – deliberately similar to the short books of Edward Gorey, but with a character-driven plot. Though it has a pretty high body count, it is in essence a family story.

There’s no chance you’re still reading this sentence, when I put a link to the Kickstarter right up in the first paragraph. But if you are still here for some reason, you can head across to the crowdfunder here.


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