Kyle Starks’ Sexcastle Heads to Image in March

Kyle Starks’ graphic novel ‘Sexcastle’, following a retired assassin as he reluctantly heads back into the field for one last incredibly violent and ridiculous mission, will be published next year by Image Comics. Originally released maybe just over a year ago, the book follows the eponymous hero as he kicks a whole load of people in painful ways.


Starks writes and draws the story, which goes in some completely manic directions basically straight from the start, and saw acclaim from sites like Comics Alliance when it first came out. I’d tell you more about it, but I’m writing this up at work and frankly I don’t want the word “Sexcastle” appearing on my search bar here.

It’s very funny, very well done, and well worth taking a look at. Which! Handily, Image have made an extended preview of the book available over on ComiXology, which you can find here.

Sexcastle will be released in March. On my sister’s birthday, in fact – the eighteenth.


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