How Raymond Briggs Made Father Christmas

Found a pointer to this on Comics Reporter and immediately needed to share it across over on here as well. Over at The Guardian, UK comics icon Raymond Briggs has been speaking to Laura Barnett about his book “Father Christmas”, which is something of an institution over here.


The book is seen as a companion to his more famous Wintry story ‘The Snowman’, which was adapted into a wonderful and hugely successful animation based on both his story and his artistic style. He’s been a part of Christmas for decades in the UK, and it’s always interesting to see him talk about the inspirations for his stories.

With the focus being on The Snowman recently (and the more recent sequel “The Snowman and Snowdog”), it feels as though the untimely death of comedian and voiceover talent Mel Smith has started to return attention to Briggs’ other tale. Taking the idea of Father Christmas and making him into a real person – a slightly irritable old man, who goes on holidays to the seaside but loves being home with his cat, dog, and roaring fireplace the best – was a fantastic way to build on the Christmas season, and the interview is well worth reading.


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