Kate Brown’s Back! ‘The Unicorn and The Woodsman’ Arrives in 30 Days

Following a great run on “Tamsin and The Deep” with Neill Cameron for The Phoenix Magazine, Kate Brown’s just announced a new comic which’ll be launching January 31st. It’s called The Unicorn and The Woodsman. See?


Told in rhyming verse, this is a twenty page story at 240 x 170mm which looks, if my maths is correct, to be about the same sort of size as Becky Cloonan’s trio of self-published books. My maths, let’s just repeat, barely just scraped a B grade at GCSE, and everybody says GCSE’s are well easy now. So take that with a pinch of salt.

The story follows, as you’ll be able to see from previews pages posted below, a unicorn who is just chilling out in a  forest, as is the wont of unicorns. When attacked by a group of shady archers, however, it has to run for it’s life – presumably seeking out help from that most noble and trustworthy of all forest-dwellers, the Woodsman.

This seems quite similar in style to the trailer she worked on for The Tower of London a while past, with that distinctive style of lettering and ominous spatters of pure pastel colour amongst the otherwise black and white setting. It’s been a while since we’ve seen new work from Brown as both writer and artist, so this’ll be something to look out for at conventions – and UK retailers later in the year.

One note she makes, as you’ll likely see repeatedly over the first half of this year at least – in accordance with the new VATMOSS ruling which took hold this year, she will not be making the comic available digitally. To see why, take a look at this post.

To see unicorns, however, scroll down:

unicornsman1 unicornsman2


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