Robert Hack’s Done Variant Covers for Archie’s Superhero Line

As seen on CBR as part of “Robot6 Day”, current Sabrina artist Robert Hack has taken over Archie’s upcoming ‘Dark Circle’ line to provide variant covers for each of the three titles coming out this year.

There’s The Shield:


Which I think looks the best of them all so far. This is with Chuck Wendig and Adam Christopher writing, and Wilfredo Torres on art, and takes Archie’s main superhero ‘The Shield’ and reimagines. This iteration of The Shield is female, for a start, and will be heading off for some patriotic punching shortly.

The Fox:


Essentially just continuing on Mark Waid/Dean Haspiel’s run on the book from last year, albeit with a relaunched #1. This is the superhero who attracts danger, literally, as freaks and crims are attracted into his path at every turn.

and The Black Hood:

rhdc2Which is the darkest and grimmest of the three, by all accounts. Duane Swierczynski and Michael Gaydos are the creative team, which should give you some idea of what the comic will be like. Grit and gritty and grittier still!

I really like these covers, have to say.



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