Webcomics ‘Gunshow’ and ‘Girls With Slingshots’ To End

Two bits of news which may have passed you by as we head into this New Year. KC Green’s ‘Gunshow’ and Danielle Corsetto’s ‘Girls With Slingshots’ – two of the most well-known and loved webcomics around – are both wrapping up.

In the case of Gunshow, Green actually already ended the comic a few days past, so he can move his focus and look to starting up and continuing on new projects. Back, which I’ve mentioned a few times in the past, is still going – he also lists a few of the other things he has coming up or in the works over at the link above.

He ends the comic in brilliant fashion.


Girls With Slingshows, however, still has a few more months left. In a comic posted to the site a few days ago, Corsetto explains similar reasons for concluding the story – it simply feels like time for this long-running tale to end and for her to move onto new projects.


These are two of the more well-known and loved webcomics to have ever come out, and both have been running for years now. For both to close up shop around the start of the year is, perhaps, a statement of intent we’ll hope doesn’t play out more widely across the year.



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