Have You Heard About This Graphic Novel, ‘Hinges’? Looks Amazing


I only saw this because of a piece in Multiversity’s excellent ‘All-Ages Week‘, but Image have a graphic novel coming out next month called ‘Hinges’, and it looks mint. By Meredith McClaren, this 112-page story will be the first volume of the Hinges series, and follows a girl called Orio, as she enters a new city called ‘Cobble’.

Joined by a guide called Bauble, she explores her new surroundings, meeting the residents of the city who turn out to be an array of walking dolls, puppets, and stuffed animals. The only catch to her wander around Cobble? That Bauble’s got some kind of secret agenda going on, and it might justbe the sort of secret agenda that leads to trouble.

Seriously, though, cram some of this artwork down yer:

hing1 hing2 hing3 hing4 hing5 hing6


I absolutely love that the puppet still has their strings attached, and follow her around as she walks through Cobble. It’s an unusual touch that just throws everything that little bit off-balance – it’s kinda creepy, and unsettling. The chewed-up word balloons, also, are an indication that Hinges, although an all-ages comic, isn’t going to be a happy-go-lucky romp.

This looks utterly involving, and I can’t wait to get a look at it next month.



  1. […] McClaren’s all-ages graphic novel ‘Hinges’, which got covered over here kinda recently, today gained a cover prior to the launch in late February. This looks utterly intriguing, so it […]


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