Image Expo: Darwyn Cooke Seeks ‘Revengeance’ yes seriously Darwyn Cooke is Coming to Image

One of the biggest surprises – and the biggest is yet to come over on The Spire, although literally everybody else is talking about it so I don’t know why you’re even reading this – was the news that Darwyn Cooke will be putting out a three-issue miniseries at Image later this year.


A long-time writer/artist who is best known for his ‘Parker’ adaptations, Cooke’s story will come to print this Spring. As you might expect from him – this’ll be a noir-ish series, albeit one which is billed as being more comedic than anything else. Also, and this caught me by surprise…

Apparently this’ll be Darwyn Cooke’s first creator-owned comic ever.

Which! About time, then. Not many artists get by for so many years without ever dipping their toes into creator-owned work, especially not one who is also acclaimed as a writer. But, when you think about it, most of his work has been with pre-existing characters – New Frontier, Catwoman, Parker, and… y’know, Watchmen – so it’s going to be fascinating to see what he does with new characters.

He’s got an interview with Entertainment Weekly, which you can read here.


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