Image Expo: de Campi, McNeil and Lee on ‘No Mercy’

Let’s spend a morning waddling around in the Image Expo swamp, as the company announced a new swarm of comics last night which’ll be coming out – ideally – later this year. You can find a full list of announcements over here, but I’m just going to pick and choose the ones that sound interesting.


Alex de Campi, Carla Speed McNeil and Jenn Manley Lee are the creative team for a new ongoing series called ‘No Mercy’. Following a group of college kids as they head off to South America for schoolbuilding and charity work, the trip quickly goes off the rails – or road, I believe would be more accurate – and they find themselves stranded, with no way of getting home. Or wi-fi.

The book seems to stem from culture clash comedy, albeit a dark, violent kind, and follows the path of works like Attack on Titan and Death Note. In the launch interview with the LA Times, McNeil says:

They’re not being pushed out of their comfort zone, they’re being loaded into cannons and fired out of it. Repeatedly. Possibly at each other. Every person who has not been tested by circumstance thinks he or she knows how he or she will react. We don’t. Even people who have been trained don’t know. These kids have not been trained. At least, not for this. What the reader will see is how they surprise themselves — in their capacity for heroism and for moral collapse.

The book will run eight monthly issues before going on a break, with the plan being to then return for a continued run later – a little like the gaps that ‘Saga’ takes advantage of, it seems. With that in mind, the first issue is currently scheduled for April.


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