Image Expo: Emi Lenox Comes to Image for ‘Tadaima’

I think this’ll be the book nobody predicted would happen, but we’ll all turn out to really enjoy once it comes out. Not many would have expected Emi Lenox, best known for her autobiographical ‘Emitown’ comics, to come to Image. But now here we are! Facing a pretty exciting graphic novel she’ll both write and then paint in full watercolour.


Tadaima roughly means ‘I’m Home’, as the story is an autobiographical work following Lenox as she returns to Japan after more than a decade living abroad, on a visit to the grave of her grandparents. Unlike her Emitown work, this’ll be fully painted work, done by hand, as her journal tells the story of her return home.

In the launch interview at The AV Club, she says:

I really wanted to capture all of the emotions that I had when I went to Japan. It felt like revisiting a dream but things were different. It’s hard for me to describe and I’m hoping I can get it across somehow in this comic.

I’m really interested in this one.


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