Image Expo: Snyder and Lemire on ‘A.D: After Death’

Scott Snyder writes, Jeff Lemire draws. Although actually, the biggest surprise of this one comes not from the incredibly high-profile creative team, but from the format: this’ll be a graphic novel, rather than a miniseries. Image aren’t as well known for those, although they do indulge from time to time – it’s not the sort of thing Image typically go in for.

after death

But, if you’ve got Snyder and Lemire wanting to work together, I guess you give them whatever concessions they want. The pair have been known friends in the industry since at least the time of the New 52’s launch, where they swiftly joined their “Animal Man” and “Swamp Thing” titles together for crossover. Since then, they’ve occasionally looped in on one another, but this marks their first collaboration of the type.

The concept of the series is “what if they cured death?” Although this hasn’t been scripted yet, the premise has been worked out, as Snyder says in the launch interview on Vulture.

The story came from an idea I was discussing with Jeff a while ago that centers around this notion of a discovery of a genetic cure for death. I’ve always been fascinated with myths of the Fountain of Youth and immortality. It’s a theme that runs through a lot of stuff I write. So, I was talking to Jeff about doing a book that could potentially give a big, robust, heartfelt, science-fiction take on a world where death is actually curable.

Which also means the series is going to be quite focused in on family, it seems, as you might expect from the pair. Fatherhood seems to be the silent cornerstone of the book.

We’ll find out more in a few months time, I imagine, as A.D: After Death is planned for much later in the year – September.


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