Image Expo: Tula Lotay, Kate Brown and Stephanie Hans Join ‘The Wicked + The Divine’

Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie took to the stage to ostensibly re-announce Phonogram 3, which is now scheduled for release later this year. But, as part of that announcement, they also revealed their plans for ‘The Wicked + The Divine’, and unveiled three of the artists who’ll be handling the third arc of the series.


Called ‘Commercial Suicide’, the idea will be that the third arc is made up of done-in-one storylines, each of which will be drawn by a different artist. Each story follows a different one of the gods from the story, delving into them a little and giving them some fleshing-out.

As follows:

Stephanie Hans will handle the Amaterasu issue (having already worked on the character before, in the cover above), Kate Brown will draw the Inanna issue (the one with a star over their left eye) , whilst Tula Lotay will jump on for an issue about Tara (the one everybody is scared of).

And I bet you anything that they’ll all be at Thought Bubble this year to talk about it more. Phonogram 3, meanwhile, is due to begin in August.


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