IDW Pick Up Headspace for Print in April

Ryan K. Lindsay and Eric Zawadski’s mad Monkeybrain series ‘Headspace’ will be receiving a print collection over at IDW later this year, in the latest Monkeybrain/Headspace collaboration.



Ryan is a friend of the site, I should say, because sometimes he pops in to tell us about Daredevil, but this is worth writing about regardless of that. The series is a bit of a noir story, but one filtered through some bizarre places. It’s all set in a small town, where the sheriff, Shane, comes across something rather unexpected. It sort of turns out that the town doesn’t perhaps totally exist, and the dog-faced bartender might not actually be there, and something altogether crazy is afoot. I shall say no more!

The book will collect the series in April. From the press release, Ryan says:

Having the collection now through IDW is so, so cool and I feel the emotional core of the book is strong enough to shine through the Philip K. Dick insanity in a John Carpenterflick tone we were going for. This tale of a sheriff fighting his way out of a killer’s mind is full of high concept right next to the emotional lows.


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