UPDATED: Kris Anka and Kevin Wada’s Swimsuit Sketchbook

UPDATE! Anka has taken to Tumblr to correct the wording of his previous post, in order to explain that the swimsuit images were being collected for an unofficial sketchbook, rather than as a pitch for a Marvel comic book issue. You can read his post here.

Original post:

Over on Tumblr, artists Kris Anka and Kevin Wada, who do most of the covers and costume design for Marvel right now (well, maybe only 89%) have revealed that their plans for a new Marvel Swimsuit issue have been scuppered. Initially approved by the powers that be, the pair had begun work on the book before somebody pulled the plug on the project.

We do have some of the artwork, though, which they’ve shared over there and I’ll share a little of here. Ghost Rider, for example:



Marvel have a tradition of putting out comics of all their characters wearing swimwear, a tradition which mostly happened decades ago and has only been referenced jokingly since. It was essentially a reason for them to creep everybody out, with most issues demonstrating an alarming lack of anatomical knowledge from Marvel’s artistic team. And colouring team, too, actually.

This iteration of the swimsuit special, it seems, was going to be mostly focused on dudes. Like Hellion:


Of course I would never comment on whether the dude-heavy content of the issue was why this project has been canned (for the time being, at least).


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