Jimmie Robinson’s Got A New Image Series, ‘The Empty’

Next month sees a new miniseries from Jimmie Robinson over at Image, in the form of ‘The Empty’, a post-apocalyptic story which feels a little like ‘The Wasteland’ in tone. Set in a World where poison has flooded the natural world, killing off most plantlife and infecting wildlife, the last humans struggle to survive where there is no food for them.


This looks brilliant, although the CBR preview is unfortunately an “exclusive” which means the watermark ruins some of the pages. The only one I can salvage is this unlettered one – which is a problem because the lettering is a distinctive part of the book.


Robinson is doing everything with this book, he notes – writing, pencils, colouring, letters, all of it. I became a real fan of his work during ‘Five Weapons’, his all-ages series from last year, which proved absolutely charming. This seems to have a similar sense of warmth in it, even as the characters scratch and existence out of the desert.

The Empty seems a more sophisticated work than his previous series, and there’s a curvy elegance to scenes like the one above, where a horned fox helps a hunter track down some food. Not a jackalope, but a jackal…fox? Anyway, I also found some concept art for some of the characters:

empt1 empt2


The Empty is out at the start of February.


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