There’s Twice as Much Kate Beaton Coming Your Way in 2015

Already announced this year was ‘The Pony and the Princess’, a picture book by Kate Beaton which’ll be published by Scholastic in June. But now Drawn & Quarterly have announced that they’ll also be delivering some Kate Beaton into your year, with a second collection of her webcomic ‘Hark, A Vagrant!’ called ‘Step Aside, Pops’.


Collecting further strips from over the years, the book will also feature some new material from Beaton – likely to be annotations on each of the strips, although there’s always the possibility of new strips as well. It’s been quite a while since the first collection of her work, and it’s rather surprising that it’s taken this long for a second collection to come out. She is one of – if not the – most popular cartoonist on the internet, after all.

And let’s add a little detail on The Princess and The Pony, whilst we’re here. This picture book will be published by Scholastic, and features one of her most indelible recurring characters. The Fat Pony showed up in a strip as a stupid and adorable creature of affection and dismay, but proved so popular that it’s been recurring in the most unexpected places ever since. Just take a look at it to realise why:

princess pony


I really like the design on her covers. The text is brilliantly placed, huge and looping and dominating the page, but left completely at the mercy of the whims of her characters. The way the lady breaks into the font on the Step Aside, Pops cover kinda gives you the idea of exactly what you’ll be getting if you pick up the book – a series of strips which are inspired from great literature, but not opposed to cutting into it, brilliantly.

That’s me over-analysing on a Saturday morning, isn’t it? Anyway, two Kate Beaton books in 2015 this year, so start stashing away your money.


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