2000AD’s App is Now Available on Android, Say 2000AD’s PR Droids

2000AD threw a rock through my window this morning to let me know that their App – which allows readers to subscribe to the series, and have them automatically download each week – is now available on Android. 


This follows the iPad app launched prior, so that’s nice. If you pick up the app on Android, then you also get some of the last few progs attached to it – so you can go back a little bit and catch up with all the stories from the start.

Rebellion, the company who own 2000AD, say:

Our iPad app has been a great success and proved there’s a big market out there for digital 2000 AD. The Android app has also been the ideal time to roll out the function that allows app users to download DRM-free copies of their purchases from our shop, so they’ll no longer have to choose between in-app or DRM-free comics again. This is the next leap forward for 2000 AD, which will introduce the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic to a whole new readership!

And you can find it here if you’re interested.


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