Archie Set Up Their First Humble Bundle, Comes with Complimentary Shake

Archie Andrews

Archie have joined the Humble Bundle queue this week, arranging it to you can pay any price you want for comics including Afterlife with Archie (of course), The Fox, and various ‘Best of ‘ compilation books.

The first Humble Bundle of the year – being the service which deals with a different comic publisher every month or so to offer an introductory bundle of assorted digital comics you can choose the price you want to pay them for – went to Image, who saw thousands of comics sold across January. Archie, following on, have made some interesting choices for their first deal.

For the ‘pay what you want’ deal you get Afterlife with Archie Magazine, although you have to pay the third tier to get hold of the first trade. Their new Sabrina series falls into the second tier of payment, whilst the whole first volume of the Fox is at first tier. Perhaps most smartly, fans get the first trade of Sonic/Mega Man if they pay what they want, the second volume if they hit the second tier, and the final volume if they pay the third tier.

The comics they’ve chosen are largely current ones, with the horror line given a prominence and ‘Death of Archie’ also showing up. With a Humble Bundle, publishers typically add extra comics to the deal as time goes on, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Black Circle books also added to this eventually. Anyway, it’s 6am as I write this, so I think that’s more than enough usage of the word ‘tier’ for now.


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