Tradd Moore Returns with Justin Jordan in April for The Legacy of Luther Strode

The newest set of Image Comics solicitations confirmed that, yes, Tradd Moore will be returning to the series that made his name, as he and writer Justin Jordan will begin ‘The Legacy of Luther Strode’ in April. Billed as being the final part of the trilogy of stories they’ve told with the character, the miniseries will kick off with a double-sized first issue.


Much-anticipated by fans, the conclusion to the run promises to circle right back round to the start. The trilogy is about a young man who takes a bodybuilding course which goes strangely right, basically, and he finds himself the chiselled specimen you see above. But with great pecs comes great responsibility, and Luther finds himself chased and hunted by an assortment of villains, agents and assassins.

Having managed to escape those threats for the time being, the third miniseries will see him coming right back round for a showdown with the man who gave him his strange talents to begin with. I imagine a lot of fighting will also ensue.

Luther Strode has been an unexpected comics arrangement, really. Image don’t really do a series of miniseries featuring the same character, but Jordan has managed to create an indelible world which has only increased in intensity as each new story has come out. A lot of people will be eagerly waiting for this one.


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