Preview: Stacey Lee’s Pages for Silk #1 over at Marvel

Marvel seem to have this recurring thing going on where, when they announce a raft of new books all at once, one or two get lost in the process. This time round, it seems to be ‘Silk’, which takes the newly-introduced heroine and throws her into New York for her own ongoing series. But, as in these pages from Stacey Lee, the book looks like it could be really fun! So let’s give it a little attention now.

silk1 silk2

Cindy Moon was introduced, I believe, as the second person to get bitten by the same spider that turned Peter Parker into a hero. The spider jumped to her after him, then got crushed or whatever, and she also gained the same powers and abilities. But! Then she was stuffed into a cupboard for some supernatural reason and only just allowed back into the real world in the run-up to the current Spider-Verse event. She’s been a love interest to Parker subsequently, and is currently co-featuring in the weird pointless first five issues of the Spider-Woman series.


All of that leads us to this series, however, so we can discard everything and start fresh, eh? An Asian-American (and a female Asian-American, at that) Cindy gives a little representation to readers who barely ever get any attention in Big-Two comics. And based on Lee’s art here, it seems like we’re getting a whole mix of John Romita Jr (mainly in that rock-solid jawline of J. Jonah Jameson), David LaFuente,  and Bryan Lee O’Malley. Her art is pretty brilliant here, the sort of gravity-ignoring use of perspective and anatomy that lends itself so perfectly to Spider-Man characters.


The preview gives us three scenes, each of which force Lee to take a different storytelling approach, and it’s a veritable showcase for an artist I’d not heard of before – but who is now firmly on my radar. I love the quieter moments here, and the little touches like the curvy question mark around Cindy’s head in that third page. This has got a lot of quirk to it, but a consistent one which gives the character depth and interest. I had no idea who Cindy Moon was, but these pages really get me excited to see who she’ll turn out to be.

Silk #1, written by Robbie Thompson and coloured by the wonderful Ian Herring, is out in February.


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