BOOM! Studios Rev Up for their 10th Anniversary in Comics

2015 marks the 10th year of existence for BOOM! Studios, bane to all those with a keyboard but probably the best comics publisher around. To celebrate, they’ve got all kinds of stuff going on, it seems – they’re still holding onto their Grant Morrison announcement from last year’s SDCC, they’ve done a long interview on comics diversity over at Comics Alliance, and they’ve published a chart listing the ten moments they think were most important to their line, in a slightly-too-long-to-fit-on-a-blog format:


Clicking on it should give you the full-size version of it.

Basically, the chart starts with the formation of the company – apparently when Keith Giffen approached BOOM!’s creator Ross Richie and pushed him to set up a publisher. It then rolls on to look at their initial lean on licensed comics, hiring of Mark Waid as EIC for a few years, the creation of the KaBOOM! imprint for all-ages comics, acquisition of Archaia, and move towards film licensing.

It’s quite a heady list, all in one place. I’d argue that perhaps the creation of BOOM! Box would be a slightly bigger deal for comics fans than their deal with FOX, although I know that the company are quite proud of their cross-media platforming-type stuff. The mention of 2 Guns, an original series which was made into a Denzel Washington film two years back, reflects presentations I’ve watched Richie give at SDCC in the past.

I’m a fan of BOOM! Studios. They seem to have reached a nice balance between licensed work, all-ages work, and creator-owned work, and seem to have formed a bridge between digital and print comics – in that interview, note the prominence given to people like John Allison and Madeline Flores – as well as consistently put out comics by female writers and artists. This’ll likely be a fun year for them.


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