Comics Roundup 30/01/15

In a week where DC and Marvel are bottling up their universes and dropping them onto the concrete, BOOM! Studios are #pushingcomicsforward and Image released some more sci-fi comics, there’s been a lot going on in the World of Comics. Fortunately I’m here (I’m Steve!) with a look at some of the comic news, previews and, uh, other stuff you might’ve missed this week.


Viz will be re-releasing Shotaro Ishinomori’s ‘The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past’ comic this May. Link to the Past would be the story based on the third game, where our hero Link embarks on a quest which faces him up to dungeons, monsters,and intense levels of petty theft. Ishinomori, being the creator of immensely popular comics like Kamen Rider and Super Sentai, proved to be an inspired choice to adapt the game for comics – choosing to go wildly off tangent at times, in some hugely enjoyable ways.

Mike Molcher’s set up a 2000AD podcast – first episode? The first episode is right here. Let’s keep an eye on this one, partly because it’s a very promising first episode, and also because you can’t trust those editorial droids for an inch.

Titan Comics have put out an ad looking for artists to join them for a series of different projects. Are you an artist? Looking to get paid and published? Well, here’s an opportunity, then, innit. They want interior artists, cover artists, colourists – all sorts of different talent.

la mariposa

James Lawrence, whose “Dangerine” series has proven to be a frequent delight with each new issue I pick up, has started posting teasers for a new webcomic which’ll be starting next month. “The Legend of La Mariposa” seems to be something to do with wrestling…. I’m guessing?

Humanoids have joined ComiXology, headlined by a load of Moebius, a mass of Incal books, and the new translation of Barbarella with Kelly Sue DeConnick. Oh, and on that ComiXology lean – they revealed the top ComiXology Submit titles of 2014, headlined by Leaving Megalopolis by Gail Simone and Jim Calafiore. Smut Peddler and Watson & Holmes also show up in the top twenty five, which you can find here.

Todd Allen’s been writing over at Mediashift, listing eight tips for digital comics success.


Issue #8 of The Wicked and The Divine adds Brandon Graham to the list of cover artists who’ve entered the world of Gods, and he’s clearly enjoying the chance to draw some weird hairstyles.

Sean Murphy, fresh off The Wake and currently artist on the March-launching Chrononauts over at Image, has taken to the net to set up a “creator’s rights” guides at conventions.

While many of my pro friends are eternally grateful for their careers and for these generous invites, some of the shows are taking advantage of creators–ALL levels of creators–and not following through with what’s promised. Believe me, I love traveling and I want to visit all my readers in every country I can, but there’s nothing worse than getting to the “convention reserved” hotel room and finding out you wasted your money staying in some foreign ghetto.

Establishing a five-point proposal including “give us decent accomodation” and “check we’re okay with doing sketches for free or not in advance”, it seems a pretty fair list of demands for any convention guest to make.

Marvel are reaching the end for a load of their books, apparently, and are now looking to see if there’s a way they can make this into a promotional thing rather than a series getting cancelled. ‘Last Days’ is the branding that’ll be on Loki, Mighty Avengers and Magneto’s final few issues, as Secret Wars comes in to doom us all with alternate universes and whatever else might be going on.


Thought Bubble held a sketching panel last year, featuring Emily Carroll, Boulet, Cliff Chiang, Jason Latour, and Babs Tarrall of which are now being auctioned on behalf of Bernardos. Go! Buy! Or, at the very least, go gawp in awe.


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