Hello! I’m Steve Morris. I’ve been writing about comics for a little while now, having started at Comics Vanguard a few years back. Since then I’ve written for Comics Bulletin, The Beat, Publishers Weekly and Comic Book Resources.

The Spire is my very latest thing… which is to say “a thing eerily similar to all the other things out there.”

It’s even got the same design as The Beat – something that I didn’t realise until it was finished and complete. Ah well! I’ve bought this design now, I’ve got to get t’use out of it. Otherwise we’ll never feel t’benefit. By the way – I’m from Yorkshire.

The Spire will be more curated than anything else. I’ve no particular interest in using this to earn a living – I want instead to share the comics and comic makers who I enjoy and admire, and maybe help you find something new and interesting too.

Because this is “curated” (an idea I’ve basically just made up on the spot) it means I won’t be running press releases for comics I don’t care less about. If something is featured here? It’s because it’s interesting. Or notable. Or just good fun!

I’d like this site to be additional to the world of online comics criticism – I like and admire a lot of the other writers and sites out there, and hope to find a home nestled somewhere around them. But, as it is a Spire, I also secretly hope to rise above all others and CONQUER THE SKY LIKE A TOWERING POWERHOUSE OF DOMINAAAANNCCEEEE.

Ahem. The Spire is a site all my own. And it’s HOT PINK!


I also want to direct your attention to the lovely header/site title/logo design, which was done by the fantastic Dylan Todd. You can find more of his work right over here – and he’s a JOY to work with. Hire him! Repeatedly!


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