Image Go for ‘The Fix’ with Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber in 2015

Nick Spencer just posted up this teaser image for a new book at Image which’ll be drawn by Steve Lieber. The pair, who of course just wrapped up a run on ‘The Superior Foes of Spider-Man’ over at Marvel, will be back in the new year for some kind of dog related chicanery.


What more can be said about this canine chicanery? Or, as I’ve just decided to start calling it, chicaninery? Nowt. We don’t know anything. But let’s certainly all keep an eye out for whatever might be coming next, eh?


I Just Realised KaBOOM! are Teasing their New Roger Langridge Book

BOOM! and KaBOOM! have been sending visual teasers across to me this week, but it’s taken an ashamingly long time for me to actually realise what momentous comics event they’re heralding: the much-anticipated new Roger Langridge series promised at SDCC 2014!

See, here’s teaser one, which is already obviously a Roger Langridge character:




Teased in the run-up to SDCC, not much is known about the project – Langridge spoke about it in this video, here, but the title and premise are still floating in the wintry ether. Not for much longer though, it appears! KaBOOM! will likely be making the full announcement later this week, huzzah!

Travel Foreman’s Zuerst Science Fiction Magazine Is Almost Ready

Long-teased and hinted about, Travel Foreman has started to talk more openly about his comics anthology ‘Zuerst Science Fiction Magazine’, which will see him debuting a bunch of new characters and stories. This will include, as CBR note, ‘The New A-Holes’, which looks like a pretty canny take on the Power Rangers concept. Look upon them:


There will also be all manner of other things going on, as you can see in the CBR article linked above. This character, also, looks faintly familiar, right?



I had no idea that Foreman had been working on some creator-owned stuff, but this is ace news. He’s best known probably as the most prominent artist running Animal Man with Jeff Lemire, as well as a run on Immortal Iron Fist and a number of other projects at DC too. His idiosyncratic take on action, movement (and anatomy, deployed to horrifying effect in Animal Man) marked him out above the typical DC house style, and won Animal Man more plaudits than perhaps any other DC title of the New 52 era.

More updates on Zuerst will likely follow here. Keep an eye out! He predicts it’ll come out either the end of this year, or start of the next.


DC/Becky Cloonan Provide an Introduction to the Class of Gotham Academy

DC have released a trio of Becky Cloonan-drawn teaser posters which each reveal a little detail about the cast of the upcoming ‘Gotham Academy’ series. With each one spotlighting a different character, here’s a first proper look at what each of the main characters will be bringing to the series. To wit: swarthy gazes abound.


Obviously we’re all very disappointed by how buttoned-up that shirt is. This has been noted.

Best known, of course, as Goth Academy, the series will be co-written by Cloonan and Brenden Fletcher, drawn by Karl Kerschl, and coloured by Romain Gaschet – who is doing a particularly brilliant job with the interiors, actually. Cloonan highlighted his work recently on Tumblr, and it looks spectacularly atmospheric and gothic.


But onto these characters – we have the main character here, who is obviously called Olive Silverlock, along with brother/sister Kyle and Mia ‘Maps’ Mizoguchi. See how each character has something in the image to symbolise their character? Olive is the golden girl who heads to Goth Academy on a scholarship, Kyle is a world-class tennis player and sports fan, whilst Maps is nicknamed so because she’s an aspiring cartographer.


All very nice! Gotham Academy opens doors in October.


Rachael Smith’s Next Comic will be ‘The Rabbit’

In what should probably be seen as a way of courting favour with the pro-bunny stance of The Spire, Rachael Smith took to twitter yesterday (or actually it might have been today, because she posted it at midnight or so) to reveal a little concept art for her new comic, as well as a title: ‘The Rabbit’.



This would be the follow-up to her Kickstarter-funded book ‘House Party’ from earlier this year, and looks to be a similar long-form work. Also, those two girls look like they’re wearing the uniform of the school just down the road from me, so if the comic is based on THAT then we can expect them to spend their time smacking passers-by with a golf club. We’ll have to see.

No release date or anything like that yet – just a tease that there is a new Rachael Smith comic coming down the line. Hurray!


BOOM! Keep Sending Me Pictures of Cute Animals

Thanks, BOOM!

BOOManimals1 BOOManimals2

I don’t know why I’m being sent these Pokemon-esque creatures either, although you’ll obviously have noted that the first four are themed around water, and the next by fire – presumably air and earth will theme the next two sets of images I presume they’ll be sending along at some point later this week. Y’know – presumably.

There’s some really cool design here, though, isn’t there? I especially like the hamster holding fire in its cheeks, and the pony with waterfall hair. So whatever this is, we’ll get to the bottom of it by Friday! I feel like I should be able to know who the artist is, but it’s eluding me for now!

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